NMWI seeks to provide timely and useful information and support services concerning important water issues and programs for communities, delivered within a ?user friendly? package geared to the general public. NMWI has proposed a series of ongoing public events (forums, town meetings, educational seminars) that promote innovative idea exchange and the sharing of practical and cutting edge technological tools and solutions. This will include local community and indigenous origin practices and perspectives, as well as appropriate leading scientific applications for what are increasingly complex and challenging community water issues. A primary focus for these public dialogues is to identify the best practices for water planning, management and environmental-resource stewardship for each community?s needs and its relationship with neighboring communities.

NMWI seeks to establish a comprehensive statewide water curriculum for New Mexico?s youth that will encourage interactive knowledge and applications for sustainable water stewardship practices at local, regional and statewide levels. Working with students, faculty, school boards, educational institutions (K thru college) and government agencies, NMWI seeks to design and promote such a youth curriculum. To date, NMWI supported youth program efforts include: river & acequia clean-up and restoration, and conservation and sustainable farming workshops. NMWI is actively seeking to establish a statewide Water Youth Corps as part of New Mexico Governor Richardson?s ?Year of Water Agenda? with continuing Water Youth award(s) and scholarships being issued by the Governor?s office on an annual basis.

NMWI is working to assist in streamlining efforts for local communities and farmers working with state, municipal, tribal and federal agencies responsible for water programs and services with a goal of making each more efficient and easily accessible to the public. NMWI is also working with local, state and tribal agencies to ensure that innovative water programs proceed at their highest levels of effectiveness and implementation.

NMWI supported media programs and events promote widespread public awareness of critical water issues affecting NM communities and healthy futures. NMWI works with local groups and state agencies on media campaigns which highlight water sustainability themes, including best New Mexico water practices - (i.e. model communities & innovative programs which exemplify ?water wise? practices and promote a healthy & sustainable NM future).

NMWI has proposed a statewide ?Agua es Vida? media campaign featuring prominent New Mexico spokespersons, including local community leaders (tribal and acequia elders, farmers) New Mexico-based celebrities and dignitaries, (incl. Governor Richardson and the First Lady) and youth spokespersons in support of a healthy & sustainable water future for New Mexico.


1. State and local press conferences related to community water programs and issues

2. Statewide Water Education Exhibition (road, bus or train tour)

3. NM WATER SUMMIT - for state and federal water agencies with policymakers, other community leaders, organizations and international water experts to examine current challenges and explore latest water management innovation technologies

4. NM WATER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS - for creative and innovative solutions for water stewardship, conservation, and sustainability efforts at individual, family, community, farming, small business and industry levels


6. YEAR OF WATER CONCERT & FESTIVAL - to promote YOW programs and themes for a sustainable New Mexico water future.


NMWI offers complete consultation and facilitation services for assisting communities and organizations in water planning issues, program coordination and provides management consulting services for water-related agencies.

The New Mexico Water Initiative is a federal tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) educational program under the current auspices of the Hanuman Foundation. For more information or to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact:

The NM Water Initiative
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