Given the current magnitude and complexity of water challenges facing New Mexico, there is a critical need for establishing open sustained public dialogues within and between communities working to develop sustainable solutions for current and future water supplies as well as the preservation of our region's unique natural environment. With the 'Year of Water' official statewide agenda in 2007, there exists an unprecedented opportunity for establishing in-depth inclusive public dialogues and information exchange between local state, tribal, and federal water agencies and the diverse New Mexico communities they serve.

The New Mexico Water Initiative (NMWI) supports a comprehensive educational and community outreach campaign for increasing public awareness and participation in programs developed for building a sustainable water future. The campaign's objective is to more seamlessly bring together widespread community stake-holder inventiveness and involvement with current water challenges to ensure that public participation will be well informed and water issue decision-making will be most effective. 

The NM Water Initiative was established in 2006 by a small group of local citizens, families and business people to build, support and strengthen community water conservation efforts through public education programs that promote open community dialogues throughout New Mexico's diverse population and areas of interest. NMWI's scope of work focuses upon essential, practical and innovative water planning, management and stewardship practices which benefit all New Mexicans and protect our state's most vital natural resource for generations to come. NMWI current program planning themes include: NM Water Planning & Policy: The Next 100 Years; NM Water Legacy: Our Children & Land's Future; The Future of NM Water: Clean, Safe & Adequate Waters for Generations; NM - Taking the Lead in SW State Water Planning & Management